About Us

We are known as satved. What does it really mean from the simple meaning of the word? If you do not no need to worry we are here to tell you and explain to you everything. What we do, what is our purpose, what we deliver so let’s start.

The simple meaning of the word satved means complete satisfaction of the trustworthy one. If you are connecting with us you are the part of the satved family and we will always care for all our family members.

The day we started we made a motto to give the best service of our to the satved family members.

We are for you

“We advise you to implement”

Is our slogan for the our family for a better lifestyle.

What do we do / what satved do?

Satved has the experience of the many years in the field of ayurvedic history. From the best formula of ayurveda and modern technique we serve connecting satved.

The healthy lifestyle tips given by the our community will give you the best will boost your health and make you healthy. Satved is the proper combination of ayurvedic and modern science will give you the best tips for your problems.

Our ambition is to serve people with correct guidance through which they can be led to the right path. There are a lot of benefits to connect with us let me tell you more on this you can ask your question or you can ask for a tip in any health problem if you are needed satved will be glad to help you and show you the righteous path.

We are glad to tell you that we also provide life hack for the people who are interested to know more can contact us or follow us.

We will launch the campaign for the family of satved and more and more people can connect to us. As we are going to launch a campaign for awareness about health, we will encounter the main problems and resolve it as soon as we can.

We will take care of the time seasonal diseases will be covered by the our website and you can contact us or ask your question to us directly.

As we all know we all are having a bad time due to coronavirus. We can give you tips and life hacks. By this implementation you can stay safe and easily conquer this deadly disease.

We will give you tips regarding boosting your immune system and prevention steps for the safety measures from coronavirus. The tips like lifestyle tips precaution must be implemented by everyone to be safe.

If have some query so contact us.